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Commercial Boutique Mall

Renovated from an old tannery the Tannery Boutique Mall has grown over the years and incorporates Function areas, a bespoke Movie Theatre, eating & retail. Our involvement has also been to help gain compliance, change of use and redesign the changes when required.

Commerical Bar

Designed to replace the original Richmond Working Mens Club after the Earthquakes this building went through several transformations until the final design was chosen. Featuring outdoor areas with sunshades this large club works well for this site.

Commercial Re-Clad

Originally designed by Peter Bevan these inner-city apartments needed to be redesigned for a completely new market and brought up to today's code.  To make right, we removed the glass atriums, remodel the rear balconies along with new windows and frontages. Neu-Wall metal cladding worked for this project, especially for long term low maintenance for the rental market. The new windows and cladding have made these apartments much more attractive for the modern renters of today.

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